Dash Cam

Video Telematics ( Dash Cam )

Public transportation is an important way to relieve urban traffic pressure, reduce environmental pollution, reduce traffic accidents, and improve the traffic environment. NAVIAFRI DASH CAM Solution solves most of the pain points of the public transportation industry from four areas: video surveillance, AI intelligent applications, passenger flow management, and intelligent scheduling. It adapts advanced information technology to improve  operation efficiency and service levels, guarantee the safety of passengers, goods, drivers, and optimized dispatch management.

NAVIAFRI  new camera products combine high-definition video/audio capture with our advanced telematics features. These products are suitable for many different applications, including insurance claim negotiation, driver training, distracted driving, in-vehicle passenger monitoring and accident reporting. Fast upload of video data is enabled through the use of LTE technology, while front and rear facing cameras capture both the driver and the road ahead.

Application Highlights

  • Real-time video streaming triggered by internal telematics functions
  • Fast LTE upload capability ensures video will be secured from local tampering
  • Provides video evidence in the case of accident disputes