Temperature sensor monitoring

Temperature sensor monitoring

Managing your office from a vehicle would be difficult, but managing your vehicles from the office is not necessarily much easier. Unless you use the right tools.

Temperature Control Is Vital for Ensuring Food Sanitation

The leading cause of food borne illnesses is a result of not implementing a temperature monitoring system and keeping raw materials below or above the recommended temperature for more than the suggested time.

Food that needs to be stored at certain temperatures and time is known as TCS (temperature control for safety). This includes meat, milk, fish, crustaceans, tofu, beans, rice, etc. These must be kept out of the temperature Danger Zone to prevent the production of toxins and the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Danger Zones

Serving good quality food as per legal safety standards is extremely important for protecting your customers. As a bonus, this also ensures that you will pass your inspections with flying colors.


NAVIAFRI allows you to keep track of the temperature inside the refrigerator through our mobile app or web version as your vehicles run around to food deliveries.